New Licences
On February 21, 2005, the Minister responsible for Telecommunications announced that new licences were available with the commencement of Phase III of the Telecommunications Liberalisation timetable.

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Name of LicenceLicence No.Application Form
Licence for Domain Name Registration TUL 152 TU 052
Radio Spectrum Licence TUL 103 TU 003
Point to Point Microwave Link Licence TUL 105 TU 005
Public Local Area Network (Speech and Data Systems) Licence TUL 110 TU 010
Public Wide Area Network (Speech and Data Systems) Licence TUL 111 TU 011
Sellers and Dealers (Individual) Licence TUL 112 TU 012
Call Centre Licence TUL 114 TU 014
Aircraft Station Licence TUL 115 TU 015
General Radio-Communication Station Licence TUL 118 TU 015
Private Local Area Network (Speech and Data Systems) Licence TUL 124 TU 024
Private Wide Area (Speech and Data Systems) Licence TUL 125 TU 025
Ship Station Licence TUL 130 TU 015
Class Licence Internet Services TUL 131 TU 031
Class Licence Paging Services TUL 132 TU 032
Licence for Radio-Controlled Models TUL 133  
Licence to Establish Ship Radio Station or Maritime Earth Station TUL 135 TU 035
Licence to operate a Video Tape Rental Service TUL 136 TU 036
Licence to operate a Satellite Television Receiver Antenna TUL 138 TU 038
Licence to keep, install, erect and use an Amateur Radio Transmitter TUL 139 TU 039
Licence for Sellers and Dealers (Class Licence) TUL 140 TU 040
Service Provider (Class) Licence TUL 141 TU 041
Cyber Café Licence TUL 151 TU 051
Licence for a Citizen Band (CB) Radio Service TUL 116 TU 016

Name of LicenceLicence No.
International Simple Resale Licence TU 007
Licence for Commercial Trunked Radio Station TU 019
Licence for Datacommunications Services TU 028
Service Provider (Class) Licence TU 041
Sellers and Dealers (Individual) Licence TU 112
General Service Provider TU 02B
Network TU 006
Cellular Networks TU 001
Cellular Service Provider TU 002
Service Provider Domestic and International TU 002A

Name of LicenceLicence No.
1) International Simple Resale Licence (SR) TU 007
2) Resale of Leased Circuit Services TU 007
3) Resale of Leased Circuit Services TU 007
4) Internet Exchange Services TU 007
5) Virtual Private Network Services TU 007
6) Managed Data Network Services TU 007
7) Store-and-Forward (S & F) Value Added Network Services TU 007
8) Mobile Virtual Network Operation TUL 007
9) Bandwidth Capacity Network Operation TUL 007
10) Backhaul Bandwidth Capacity TUL 007
11) Live Audiotex Services TUL 007
12) Other (Applicant to Specify) TUL 007

Name of LicenceLicence No.
1) Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Station TU 009
2) Tracking Telemetry and Command TU 009
3) Earth Station TU 009
4) Portable Satellite Communication Termination TU 009

Name of LicenceLicence No.
1) Base or Fixed Station TU 015
2) Mobile Station TU 015
3) Radio Telephone TU 015
4) Ship Fixed Station (Coast Station) TU 015
5) Aeronautical Mobile Station TU 015
6) Fixed Ground-to-Air Station TU 015
7) Fixed Link/Repeater Station TU 015

Name of LicenceLicence No.
1) Callback/Call Re-Origination Service TU 041
2) Internet-based Voice/ and or Data Services TU 041
3) International Calling Card (ICC) TU 041
4) Store-and-Retrieve Network Services TU 041
5) Audiotex Services TU 041

Barbados signs Computer Incident Response Team (CIRT) Agreement with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) at a meeting held at the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

Chief Telecommunications Officer of Barbados, Mr Reginald Bourne (left) and the Director of ITU's Telecommunications Development Bureau, Mr Brahima Sanou (right), are congratulated by the Secretary General of the CTU, Ms Bernadette Lewis after the signing of the CIRT Agrreement.

Government Notices

Government Notice - 2019 Licences

The following types of licences are renewable in January 2019 as they will expire on December 31, 2018

Licensees have until January 30, 2019 to renew their licences.

From January 31, 2019 to March 31, 2019 these licences may be renewed but a 25% late payment fee will be payable.

 From April 01, 2019, unpaid licences may be revoked by the Minister responsible for Telecommunications:


1. Sellers and Dealers;
2. Citizen Band Operators;
3. Amateur Radio Operators;
4. Model Equipment Owners;
5. General Radio Communications;
6. Fishing Vessels and all other Ship Stations;
7. Coast Stations;

 Date: 16 November 2018


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